How Much Nicotine Is In an Elf Bar?

How Much Nicotine Is In an Elf Bar?

How Much Nicotine Is In An Elf Bar?

How much nicotine is in an Elf Bar? That’s a common question we get from our customers, so we’d like to address it in a blog post. The answer is pretty simple really, and we can actually apply it to all different disposable vape kits.

With Elf Bar, the amount of nicotine is determined by how much percent of nicotine is in your disposable’s pod. For example, you can get 0mg of nicotine, which is obviously zero nicotine, all the way up to 20mg, which is as you might expect 20mg of nicotine.

But 20mg of how much nicotine is in a Elf Bar? Well, the answer to that is also quite simple, but before we get into it, let’s take a closer look at Elf Bars and what they are exactly.

What is an Elf Bar?

Elf Bar is a vape brand that makes the most popular disposable vape kits. The Elf Bar 600 is the most popular disposable vape pen in the UK market, but they also produce other disposable ranges with different flavour profiles and nicotine strengths.

Let’s take a look at some of Elf Bars most popular disposable vape kits.

Elf Bar 600

As already stated, the ElfBar 600 is the most popular disposable vape pen in Britain. It’s a simple cylindrical design with a flat, ergonomic mouth tip that’s perfect for vaping. There are over 30 flavours of the Elf Bar 600 now, and it comes with a powerful 550mAh pre-charged battery.

The vape juice is nicotine salt and you get a 2ml pod filled with 20mg, 10mg or 0mg juice. They last for about 600 puffs, and there are no buttons to press and is instead draw activated.

Elf Bar MC600

Completely different flavour range to the Elf Bar 600, the MC600 Shisha inspired flavours comes in a unique carton style pen. It has no buttons and is also draw activated, and it also last for about 600 puffs, which is quickly becoming the standard in the UK.

The mellow Shisha-style flavours of the Elf Bar MC600 boast a 20mg salt nicotine base offer a different taste to any other Elf Bar disposables. It comes with a 550mAh charged battery, but 20mg is the only nicotine strength you can get with the MC600, so if you’re wanting something a bit weaker in nicotine strength, then this range might not be for you.

Elf Bar NC600

The Elf Bar NC600 is another disposable vape range from ElfBar. This looks different from the typical disposable vape designs as it’s a super-slim almost flat design. It comes prefilled with 2ml of flavourful 20mg nic salt vape juice, and like other disposable vapes it uses draw activation.

The NC600 is slightly smaller than the other ElfBar disposables, and is also powered by a pre-charged 400mAh battery, which is less powerful than other disposables. This doesn’t mean it’s not as good, though, as the battery is more than capable of delivering an excellent vaping experience

Elf Bar T600

The ElfBar T600 is a disposable vape with a difference. It’s an elegant looking compact, bottle shape with a soft filter tip that mimics smoking cigarettes more than any other disposable.

It’s powered by an internal ready-to-use 500mAh battery. Like other Elf Bar disposables, it comes in 20mg nic salt eJuice, but there are no other strength options. The T600 uses draw activation and the soft filter tip provides a familiar experience for those who want to quit smoking by switching to vaping.

So, How Much Nicotine Is In An Elf Bar?

So, now we’ve looked at a few different Elf Bar disposable ranges, let’s answer the question: How much nicotine is in a Elf Bar?

As you now know, ElfBars come in 3 different nicotine strengths: 0mg, 10mg, and 20mg, with the latter being the most popular Elf Bar strength.

20mg is 2% nicotine in any UK regulated vape pod. This is because UK TPD regulations require a maximum pod size of 2ml, so you cannot legally buy more than 20mg of nicotine in any disposable vape kit.

20mg nicotine strength is a rounded number for how much nicotine is in a packet of cigarettes, but of course this differs from packet to packet. 20mg of nicotine strength in an Elf Bar is pretty strong, and should only be used by heavy ex-smokers.

10mg of nicotine is of course 1% of nicotine, and this is ideal for anyone who would smoke socially, or those wanting to wean themselves off nicotine altogether and come down from the strongest 20mg nicotine strength.

Then of course there’s 0mg, which is as you might guess a nicotine-free disposable vape from Elf Bar. No nicotine vape juice from Elf Bar is only available in its most popular kit, the Elf Bar 600, but not every flavour. This limits it, but Elf Bar do regularly bring out new flavours, so watch this space for more delicious no-nicotine Elf Bars.

How Many Cigarettes Are In An Elf Bar?

How many cigarettes are in a Elf Bar? How long is a piece of string? This depends on the strength of cigarettes as each brand offers different nicotine strengths.

When we did our research, we came up with a different amount to other claims. The vape brand Elf Bar reckons there are about 20 cigarettes in an Elf Bar 600, whereas some other articles/reports claim there’s up to 48 cigarettes in a Elf Bar.

We found a different answer, however. A typical cigarette has roughly 1.1-1.8 mg of nicotine, depending on the strength of cigarette you buy. This averages out between 22-36 mg of nicotine in a packet of 20 cigarettes.

With each 20mg Elf Bar 600, you get 2ml of 20mg vape juice. When we do the maths: 2ml x 20mg= we get a total of 40mg in every Elf Bar 600, which is more nicotine than the strongest packet of 20 cigarettes.

If you go by an average packet of cigs, with roughly 30mg, we can estimate that there’s about 28 cigarettes in an Elf Bar disposable kit, so that is our answer at VapeDraw.

How Much Nicotine Is In An Elf Bar?

So, there you have it: there’s between 0mg and 20mg of nicotine in every Elf Bar disposable kit. Globally, you can buy bigger pods, but UK TPD regulations limit UK vape kits to a maximum 2ml pod or tank.

It’s recommended that anyone stopping smoking go for the 20mg, and with Elf Bar using nic salt vape juice this is better for ex-smokers. As time goes by, you can lower your nicotine strength in your Elf Bar and eventually vape no nicotine. Therefore, how much nicotine is in a Elf Bar is determined by your preferred taste.

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