How To Use Shortfills

How To Use Shortfills

What Are Shortfills?

A shortfill is a great option for anyone new to vaping, and once you know how they work, they're easy to use. If you love vaping and large clouds, shortfills are for you. Not to mention that they allow you to control the nicotine strength in your e-liquid.

Shortfills developed as an alternative solution to the TPD regulations which limit the size of any vape juice bottle containing nicotine. They're a type of vape juice that come in a bottle that isn't quite full, which offers space to add nicotine juice, also known as nic shot. This allows you to make a vape juice with a nicotine strength to suit your needs.

Shortfills are bottles that come in 60ml, 120ml, or 240ml sizes--but with 50ml, 100ml, or 200mL of nicotine free vape juice in each respective bottle. The "short" refers to the amount of room left in the bottle for a consumer to add their own nicotine shots.

The VG/PG ratio of shortfills is typically 70/30, but you can get a range from 50/50 up to 80/20 VG. This allows you to produce the large clouds that people commonly associate with vaping. While you don't need nicotine shots to vape shortfills, most people prefer e-liquid with some nicotine levels.

How to Use Shortfills

If you like to vape without nicotine or make your own strength, Shortfill e-liquids may be just what you need. Shortfills are larger bottles of e-liquid that contain no nicotine, but have extra space for you to add in nic shots. This means that you can create your own customised vape juice with the strength that best suits your preference.

Using shortfill e-liquid is surprisingly simple - all you'll need is a bottle of shortfill and a nicotine shot. To get started, pour the desired amount of nicotine shot into the empty space left at the top of your shortfill bottle - usually, this is around 20ml. When you seal the bottle, shake it and leave it to settle for a few minutes - this will ensure that the nicotine is fully mixed in with your e-liquid.

How Much Nic Shot to Add

Although adding nicotine to shortfill eJuice is a straightforward process, you must be careful not to put in too much.

If you have a 50ml bottle and add a 60ml nic shot (18mg strength), this will give you a 3mg nicotine strength in your eJuice.To make 100ml of eJuice, add two bottles of nic shot. For a 200ml shortfill, you should add four 10ml (18mg) ni chots for a 240ml eJuice of 3mg strength.

Other Things to Consider with Shortfills

There are different VG/PG ratio shortfills and nic shots available, so you should get the right bottle for each one.

Nic salts are also accessible as nic shots, and are typically stronger (20mg). However, because nic salts are less harsh on the throat, you'll be able to make juice with a higher nicotine strength without discomfort.

If you don't like nicotine or want to cut down your intake, vaping shortfills is a great way to do so.

What Strength Nicotine Should I Buy?

Because shortfills have no nicotine, it can be trickier to know what strength you want. The strength of nicotine depends on your personal preference, but typically their strengths range from 3mg to 20mg.

If you’re a very light smoker or new to vaping, you should start off with just shortfill zero-nicotine or 3mg and see how that feels. Then, you can slowly up the strength until you’re comfortable.

Here’s a rough idea of what strength equals how many cigarettes:

6mg = 10 cigarettes
12mg = a pack of cigarettes
18mg = over a pack of cigarettes

Shortfills - Tailor Your Very Own Vape Juice Concoction

Shortfills are a great way to get your nicotine fix with larger e-juice bottles, and they allow you to customize the strength of your vape juice. As long as you pay attention to the VG/PG ratio and don't add too much nicotine, shortfills can be easy to use and provide excellent flavour.

Once your shortfill is ready to use, you'll be able to enjoy a vape juice tailored specifically to you. Shortfills are an excellent way of getting maximum flavour and choice - so why not give them a try? Make sure you get yourself the right shortfill for your needs so that you can enjoy vaping as it should be enjoyed!

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