Vaping For Beginners – A Guide For Vaping Lingua Franca

Vaping For Beginners – A Guide For Vaping Lingua Franca

Vaping For Beginners – A Guide For Vaping Lingua Franca

Vaping is an art, and vapers use their own language that anyone new to the wonderful world of e-smoking is kind of confused. Vaping for beginners looks into the ligua franca that vapers use and explains it so even the newest of noobs can get it.

Even vaping, a term we’re all familiar with is slang for vapour smoking. So, anyone who doesn’t know what vapers are talking about but wish to know, should read on.

You could always check our Vaping Glossary for all defined term. But this Vaping for Beginners series looks at the main lingo and goes into a bit more detail So, if you’re not a vape nerd and you’re just getting started here’s an explanation of vaping language.

Vaping For Beginners

Here’s an introduction for any vaping beginner to understand the main pieces of equipment and some of the more common language used by vaping geeks…

Vaping Starter Kit

A Vaping Starter Kit is usually the first thing a vaping beginner gets to know. Basically, these are the devices or the set up a new vaper will begin their vaping journey with.

A vape starter kit gives you everything you need to try vaping for the first time. Your vape will come with a battery, a coil, a tank and a mouthpiece, which are the four main parts of any vaping device.

Starter kits predominantly come in a pen style shape device and they’re pretty much hassle free easy to use kit. Depending on the starter kit you go for, you’ll get the equipment needed to start e-smoking. To use Starter Kits you simply fill them with e-liquid and off you go.

vaping starter kits at

Mouth to Lung (MTL)

Mouth To Lung (MTL) is another term any vaping beginner needs to know. MTL is basically the type of vaping that’s associated with the simulation of smoking cigarettes.

MTL Kits come in all different shapes, and all disposable vape kits are mouth-to-lung, but they all have the same effect. With MTL kits you won’t really get the big cloud of vapour as it’s a more restricted drawer like smoking a cigarette.

That said, you will get good flavour with them, and are a great way to begin your vaping journey, especially if you are trying to stop smoking.

Sub Ohm Kits

Sub Ohm is another term that any vaping beginner should know. Sub Ohm vaping is different from MTL vaping as there is little resistance in the coil on sub-ohm devices.

The resistance in a Sub Ohm piece is 1 Ohm, and because of the little resistance, these devices are where we get to blow out lots of vapor.

Generally, Sub Ohm kits use bigger bottles of juice, and you will get plenty of flavor and as already stated the big clouds of smoke that most people associate with vaping.


Mods, or Box Mods, are another device you will hear about as you begin your vaping journey. They’re modifiable box-like devices that allow you to play with the power and temperature of your vaporiser, and modify moveable parts such as coils and wicks.

mods v pods

This allows the vaper to change the mechanics and resistance of power, which means you can manipulate the device to improve the flavour and change the cloud production.

Mods use sub-ohm technology and because you can modify the settings, you can tailor everything to your liking and even mix liquids and play with PG/VG ratios to find your perfect vape.

Being able to adjust and tailor the settings of box mods to enhance flavour and cloud production makes this the ideal device for those keen on playing with their vaping experience.

The main issue with mods is they’re bigger and more expensive than other vape devices, so they’re not as popular as other devices like pods, but many vaping pros prefer them.

Mech Mod

A Mech Mod, short for Mechanical Mod, is a vape device that supplies pure battery power to an atomiser. They can seem complex and confusing at first, but mechanically they’re actually the simplest designed vape mods.

Mech mods are composed of a housing unit that holds the battery and has an attachable atomizer, usually an RDA (Rebuildable Drip Atomizers).

They are simple yet awkward to the uninitiated, because the battery is in contact with both the top and bottom caps of the mod, which when activated, current flows into the heating coil.

This circuit is all that is needed to power the mod and make it possible for you to vape, but because they’re awkward to master, they’re mostly used by advanced vapers.


Pods, AKA All-in-One (AIO), are vaping kits that as you can imagine is an all-in-one kit with a refillable coil. There’s no separate tank, and other than those with a refillable coil many pods are disposable vape kits.

They are sleek and slender, and less hassle than mods, and because of the ease of use, they’re convenient for those who wish to vape on-the-go.

Pods use the same Sub Ohm technology as mods to create the vapour, but use less power and temperature to do so.

Pods are the perfect vaporizer for Nic Salts, which is an alternative liquid to conventional e-juice that naturally uses nicotine salt that is found on tobacco leaves.


E-Liquid is the liquid that we e-smoke and which is turned into the vapour that we exhale. They come in all different sizes and types, such as Nic Salts, Shortfills, Longfills etc.

The size of the e-liquid bottle can usually determine whether it’s for a Mouth to Lung or a Sub Ohm device, and the PG/VG ratio also determine the size of the bottle.

There are thousands of different flavours of e-liquid with many brands launching new ones on a daily basis.

Atomizer (Vape Coil)

Atomizer (Vape Coil) is the small heating element that changes the e-liquid into vapor. Some people call it the filter, which it isn’t, but most people call it ‘atomizer’, ‘vape coil’ or just ‘coil’. Either is fine.

An vape coil basically vaporizes e-liquid with a wicking material that draws the liquid onto the coil. As well as the battery and e-liquid it’s the main component of every vape kit.

PG/VG Ratio

PG/VG Ratio is another term any vaping beginner needs to understand. Basically PG and VG are two different components that make up your e-liquid.

PG stands for Propylene Glycol and is a synthetic liquid with a consistency slightly thicker than water, and this helps create the flavour.

VG/PG Ratio Vaping

VG means Vegetable Glycerine and is a sugar alcohol that’s a by-product from various industrial processes involving natural oils, such as rapeseed, soybean and coconut. VG helps create the vapour.

If you want a fuller flavour, you should choose an e-liquid with a balanced 50:50 PG/VG Ratio. This ratio will allow you to use in either mouth to lung or sub ohm vape devices.

Whereas, if you go for something with a 60:40 PG/VG ratio, the throat hit will be more pronounced. If you like a harsher throat hit, you could go for a 70:30 PG/VG ratio. These liquids are generally used with MTL devices.

Anyone who likes to make big clouds, should look for a vape juice with a higher VG content. A PG/VG ratio around 30:70 or even 20:80 will give you the thicker e-liquid. These tallow you to produce nice dense clouds of vapour, and are generally used with Sub Ohm devices.


Airflow is another term any vaping beginner will need to learn. It basically means the flow of air that your coil allows through. And with many vape devices, airflow is adjustable, so you can tailor that that hit to your liking.

The higher, more open, the airflow the cooler the vape. When you turn the airflow up to its maximum ability, you’ll experience a smoother, bigger and cooler cloud with less overall flavour.

When you use a lower airflow, you’ll find that the draw in becomes tighter, and the vapour inhaled feels warmer. This is because your evaporated e-liquid is hot off the coil. This forces the vapor out quicker and you’ll gain more flavour from your vape and a denser cloud.

Most vapers find an airflow setting to suit them. It’s all trial and error, but most people go for mid setting where the vapour is a good temperature so you can still taste the flavour and get a good sized cloud.


guy blowing a big vape cloud is what draws many beginners to vaping

Clouds are self-explanatory, but they deserve a mention because it’s such a common and enticing feature of vaping.

Of course, clouds are the plume of smoke that you exhale. As mentioned with the airflow, clouds can be manipulated so that you have large dense ones or lighter clouds akin to smoking.

The reason vape devices can produce such big clouds is because of the highly dense water content in vapor that’s exhaled.

If you want the big dense clouds, your vape juice should have a higher VG ratio compared to PG. That’s because VG is much thicker than PG and is one of the main reasons you can vape nice thick clouds.


RDA (Rebuildable Drip Atomizers) or ‘Dripper’ to vape geeks are what generally go on Mech Mods, so these are mostly for advanced users as well.

RDAs are basically an atomiser and its function is to route electricity through the resistance wire that makes up your vapes coils. They’re different from RTAs as they allow you to drip e-liquid directly onto the e-cigarette wick.


An RTA is a Rebuildable Tank Atomiser. It combines the RDA feature with a traditional tank, so you don’t need to manually drip the juice like you do with RDAs. …

RTA tank has a larger capacity to hold more e-liquid than and fewer drips are needed than in RDAs.

RTA juice tanks are more convenient and they’re also easier to use so if you’rea vaping beginner, you should probably use and RTA.

Vaping For Beginners

As you were probably aware before reading this article, vaping has its own lingua franca, and anyone new to e-smoking needs to learn it. We were all beginners once upon a time, and vaping language can be tricky. That said, cliché but very true: trial and error and practice makes perfect.

Now you’ve read this Vaping For Beginners introduction, you at least have a general understanding of the different devices.

A Starter Kit is a great place for any vaping beginner, but it’s good to know the nuances of MTL, sub ohm devices, and whether a mod or pod is ideal for you. Also, you should now know if you want a sub-ohm device, and of course the PG/VG ratio for those who like it their way.

However you enjoy your vaping experience, it’s a good idea for any Vaping beginners to try different kits, at least then you will experience

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