Want to Quit Smoking? Vaping Does Help!

Want to Quit Smoking? Vaping Does Help!

Want to Quit Smoking? Vaping Does Help!

The amount of people quitting, or at least wanting to quit smoking is staggering. In England alone one person every 80 seconds stops the filthy habit.

But quitting smoking isn’t easy as any smoker and ex-smoker will attest, but with vaping a growing trend in the UK and the rest of the world, it’s clear to see why more people are able to stop smoking.

Craving nicotine is one of the most difficult addictions to kick, so official UK guidance recommends vaping to help you stop smoking.

But isn’t nicotine in vaping? And what are the risks with vaping? Won’t that habit of inhaling and doing something with your hands be prolonged if you start vaping?

Quit Smoking Takes Dedication And Serious Willpower

Vaping is less harmful and cheaper than smoking, and you get that similar feeling when you’re inhaling your e-juice.

Smoking is bad for your health, there’s no doubt. The toxins produced by burning tobacco cause smoking-related illnesses, such as cancer, and it’s without question that nobody benefits from having a smoke.


Vaping can help you quit smoking, but it takes more than just vaping. It takes willpower, and as with all addictions, you really have to want to stop doing it. If you don’t truly want to quit smoking cigarettes, you won’t.

Sounds simple, but many who try to stop smoking, don’t really want to. And so they start smoking again.

Quitting smoking takes support, planning and commitment, and now with vaping, you can wean yourself off nicotine by smoking e-cigarettes, which is much less harmful.

Nicotine is a very addictive substance, but it isn’t the thing that really harms you. It’s the carbon monoxide, tar and other toxic chemicals in tobacco smoke that causes the serious damage to your health.

Jeremy Kyle Turned To Vaping To Quit Smoking

British TV personality Jeremy Kyle is a known vaper who turned to e-smoking to get him off cigs. The presenter used to smoke 20 cigs a day and tried many times in the past, but always started up again.

‘I was a 20 a day smoker for most of my life and am proud to say I quit smoking earlier this year,’ said Kyle. ‘I’ve tried many times in the past to quit but nothing really worked for me, said the presenter who became more determined after the death of his mother to cancer.

‘I was determined and I’m so happy I’m now smoke-free. I’m not going to pretend it is easy, but I knew my time smoking was up,’ claiming the thing that helped him stop smoking for good was vaping.

‘The thing that is really helping me stay smoke free is vaping,’ said the notorious TV presenter. ‘I’m currently on the lowest nicotine strength and will then come off the e-cigarette altogether when the time is right for me.’

Stop Smoking With The Help of Vaping

Not everyone has reached the depths of despair that Jeremy Kyle had, and quitting smoking might be harder for some, but if he can do it, so can you.

A cigarette contains 4000+ chemicals and carcinogens, which are very harmful to your body. And nicotine is a highly addictive substance, so stopping smoking is extremely difficult.

The Royal College of Physicians recommends a Nicotine Replacement Therapy, which you get with vaping.

Smoking nicotine with cigarettes is much worse than the nicotine you get with vaping, because with cigarettes you get all the tar, carbon monoxide and many other poisonous chemicals.

Vaping gives you that familiar sensation you get while smoking cigs, and all the while you’re still receiving nicotine your system is craving.

You can start on a higher dose of nicotine in your e-liquid, and gradually adjust the nicotine strength as time goes by, and slowly ease yourself off nicotine altogether with 0mg nicotine disposables and other e-juices.

Use Nic Salts To Help you Stop Smoking

Nic Salts are type of e-liquid specifically developed for those who want nicotine consumption. They are less harmful than cigarettes and help smokers stop smoking by weakening and eventually stopping the craving that cigarettes give.

The nicotine hit from Nic Salts should curb cravings for nicotine for longer periods of time. Many smokers who turn to vaping to stop smoking find that beginner kits don’t satisfy their nicotine craving, and while more advanced kits are fine, it takes time to understand how vaping works, so starting out with these can be dangerous to anyone uninitiated.

This is where Nic Salts come in. Nic Salts work well with pods, which are easy to use, making this an ideal way for smokers to get into vaping and get their nicotine consumption.

Using Vaping To Quit Smoking Really Helps

A 2019 study found that 19 percent of participants who used vaping to quit smoking were no longer smoking a year later, while those who used things such as nicotine patches and gum, quit smoking at a rate of 9 percent.

So it’s clear that that vaping helps you kick smoking, but how do I quit smoking with the help of vaping?

First off, you should know that when you use a vape device to help you quit smoking, you have to stop smoking at the same time.

You won’t get the full benefit from vaping unless you stop smoking cigarettes completely because your body won’t benefit from stopping smoking if you just cut down slowly and do both at the same time.

While vaping isn’t healthy, it’s much better than smoking – a habit that’s more addictive and harmful than illegal drugs.

It’s not clear how safe vaping is, reports vary from country to country, and because it’s a relatively new phenomenon there isn’t as much academic coverage of its long-term damage.

Vaping Is 95 Times Less Harmful Than Smoking

According to Public Health England, the official guidance is that vaping is at least 95 times less harmful than smoking.

The report states that vaping offers only a small fraction of the risks smoking poses. And anyone who takes up vaping to quit smoking ‘conveys substantial health benefits.’

‘Vaping is at least 95% less harmful than smoking’ says the report which is aimed at encouraging smokers to stop and take up vaping. Although the report does state that taking up e-cigarettes isn’t regarded as safe.

95 times less harmful should make a huge difference to your health. As well as cutting out the 4000+ toxins that are in cigarettes, your body will start to repair itself once you quit smoking.

Your lungs will start to detoxify as they work on removing toxic debris and mucus that had made itself at home while you were smoking.

Stop Smoking – Use Vaping To Help You

Nobody is suggesting vaping is healthy, but the benefits compared with smoking cigarettes is clear for anyone to see, and many ex-smokers grow to love vaping, just because of the benefits.

Quitting takes determination, and you really have to want to stop smoking to cut it out for good. The habit of inhaling and the addiction of nicotine can be replaced by vaping.

Vaping helped Jeremy Kyle quit and it helps more people than nicotine patches or gum kick smoking for good.

You can get your nicotine, and ease yourself off that over time, and with a bit more determination you will probably quit vaping eventually, too. After all, it’s not good for your health either.

Check out A Beginner's Guide to Vaping for all the info any noob would need.

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