What Wattage Should I Vape At

What Wattage Should I Vape At

What Wattage Should I Vape At

Vaping is becoming increasingly popular thanks to its convenience, affordablilty and a less damaging option for those looking to quit their smoking habit. But one question that often plagues vapers is "What wattage should I vape at?"

Determining the ideal wattage for your vaping device can be a trial-and-error process, but understanding the basics can help make it easier. This article will provide some basic information to help you understand how wattage affects your vaping experience and how to find the right setting for you.

When determining what wattage you should vape at, it's important to remember that higher wattages result in larger vapor clouds and stronger flavour, while lower wattages produce smaller clouds with weaker flavour.

Generally, higher wattage settings are better suited for sub-ohm tanks and direct-to-lung (DTL) inhales, while lower wattages work best with mouth-to-lung (MTL) tanks and tight draws.

What works best for you ultimately depends on the type of tank or atomizer that you're using and your personal preferences.

The type of e-juice that you use can also affect what wattage is ideal for you. Thin liquids such as 50/50 juices require lower wattages, while thicker vape juices with high VG tend to do better at higher wattages.

It's important to remember that too low a setting can result in dry hits and burning, while too high a wattage may lead to an overly harsh experience.

Experimenting with different wattages and e-juice types can help you find the right balance.

To know what wattage you should vape at, understand the vape

To maximize your vaping experience and know what wattage you should vape at, it’s essential to familiarize yourself with the three main settings of advanced vape devices.

Each one determines wattage and how you interact with the device. Understanding these settings will certainly bring you closer to getting more out of your sessions.

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If you want to know how much wattage your vape device is capable of producing, much of it comes down to the batteries. The higher voltage denotes a greater electrical pressure inside the battery - it's like having more power in reserve. When talking about single units, high voltage means there are also more amps stored within. Simply multiply both parameters together and you got yourself an answer.

An increase in voltage within a battery means greater internal pressure, thereby allowing for more amps to be delivered to the coil quicker — ultimately resulting in faster heating of your device. As such, it’s evident that there exists an undeniable relationship between wattage and voltage.


Voltage and wattage can often be mistaken for one another, but there’s an important difference between them. Voltage functions as the electrical pressure that pushes energy around a circuit while wattage represents the combination of voltage and amps.

Wattage is a measurement of the energy supplied to coils, which is simply derived from multiplying voltage and amp. By altering wattage levels, you can also safely adjust voltage. But be warned: suddenly increasing the wattage without precautions could potentially harm your vape kit. This is why experienced vapers prefer using variable-wattage mods.


To adjust the ohms on your vape, you must install substitute retrofit coils to modify its electrical capabilities. Ohms are like a measure of water flow in a pipe. The amount it can carry is decided by how large or small your battery is. Consequently, no matter what type of battery you're using, there will be an upper limit for the capacity that your coil can handle when it comes to electricity flow.

Ohm chart for vaping

When you increase the ohm rating, fewer amps are allowed to flow through your coil. This inherently produces less wattage for a cooler vaping experience. On the contrary, lower ohms equate to more watts and greater heat production when vaporizing.

How Does Wattage Affect Your Device

Wattage plays a direct role in the temperature of your device because more power is needed to make it hotter. While certain devices may have volts instead of watts, or read out the exact temperature setting, a higher voltage/wattage will always result in an increased vaping heat.

What is the Ideal Vaping Wattage?

Finding what wattage you should vape at is all about individual choice. However, if you are looking to make a general recommendation, 20W or lower is ideal for novice vapers who find it difficult to keep up with the warm vapour production. Experienced vapers may prefer something higher than 20W.

For a thicker and hotter vapour, up the wattage. To achieve cooler and subtler clouds of vapour, lower the wattage down.

If you’re looking for prolonged vape sessions before charging your device again, then go for a setting on the lower end of the spectrum as this will be more forgiving on battery life.

What wattage should I vape at

When choosing the right wattage to vape at there are certain things to consider. This includes the temperature, the hit you want, the type of vape juice you're using, and the flavour production you want. Let's take a closer look at each...


To control the heat of your vapour, adjust the wattage setting. If you'd like to experience warmer vapours, turn up the watts, and or a cooler feel, dial it down. The warmer you vape at, the more concentrated the flavour will be, and it will also feel more like smoking a cigarette.


Vapers and former smokers alike may find that running the coil at a higher wattage is more fitting as it releases a larger amount of vapour. This boosts both nicotine delivery and throat hit. As these are two key elements for anyone looking to transition away from cigarettes, and also experienced vapers wanting to experience maximum satisfaction, this could be an ideal choice.

E-liquid use

If you want to save your e-liquid, then keep the wattage of your vaping device low. By running it at a higher power level, more liquid is burned in order to produce vapour - hence why vapers who vape at 40 or 50W can use up an entire 10ml bottle within a day.

To ensure you get the most out of each and every bottle of e-liquid, be sure to control the energy output on your vape device.

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Temperature can drastically alter the taste of your e-liquid. If you want to create a truly unique and enjoyable vaping experience, it's essential to experiment with different temperatures for various flavour types.

For instance, menthol flavours are more pronounced when used at lower wattage and cooler temperatures since they have a cooling sensation on their own. On the other hand, creamy or dessert flavours work best in higher wattages and warmer climates as those type of tastes really pop at those levels.

What wattage should I vape at

There is no definitive answer when it comes to finding the ideal wattage for vaping as every device and coil have various capabilities and limitations.

And of course, everyone has different tastes, so every vaper should take into account their own preferences. This includes temperature of vapour, hit strength and flavour production. For novice vapers who are just starting out, 20W or lower may be the best option while experienced vapers can explore higher wattages if desired.

When all else fails, experiment with different wattage settings to find a solution that suits your needs. Happy vaping!

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