When to Change Vape Coil

When to Change Vape Coil

When to change vape coil

How to know when to change vape coil is an important part of maintaining your vape kit. It’s one of the main parts to ensure you have a great vaping experience, because if it's burnt-out or not working properly, then you'll probably just get hard hits that aren't enjoyable.

No one likes the taste of a burnt coil, so how do you avoid it? By keeping up with maintenance on your vaping device, checking the coil regularly, and replacing it when necessary.

Understanding everything about a vape kit isn’t essential, but it’s always good to know the basics. And knowing when to change a vape coil is important. If you're unsure of how to properly take care of your device, don't worry - we'll show you everything you need to know.

How to know when to change vape coil

There are several reasons why you might need to change your vape coil...

Vape Juice Taste Different or Burnt

A good rule of thumb when it comes to when to change your vape coil is when you start noticing the vape juice flavour isn’t as fresh or intense as when it was first used. This could be an indication that the coil has been worn down and needs replacement.

It is easy to tell if your vape juice doesn’t taste quite right, especially your favourite flavours. So, this should trigger you to check your vape coil. If your vape juice has a burnt taste then it’s more than likely time to change your vape coil.

Your Vape Kit Makes a Gurgling Sounds

If your vape kit is making gurgling sounds, it may be time to check the coil. This isn't always indicative of a faulty coil, but it's worth taking a look. Generally, a vape kit shouldn't make any sort of gurgling noise when in use. If you swapped the coil and the issue persists, it’s not a good sign as there might be something wrong with other parts.

Your Vape Kit is Leaking

If your vape kit is leaking it can be one of many reasons, and of course a failing coil is one of them. It could be something else, such as an overflowing tank or if your rings have worn out, but yes this could be a time to change your vape coil.

Your Coil Has Outlived Its Life Expectancy

Like everything, a vape coil only lasts so long, and if you’ve used it a lot, it could be time to change it. The lifespan of a vape coil varies depending on factors such as how frequently you use it, what type of e-liquid you are using and at what temperature or wattage setting your device operates.

On average, most coils will need to be replaced after one or two weeks’ worth of heavy use, but it’s always important to check them regularly and replace when necessary. If you don’t vape often, it could last longer.

You should know its on its last legs as you’ll notice a decline in its performance, and there could be less flavour or less cloud reproduction, although this could also mean your battery needs recharging.

How Often Do I Change My Coil?

The lifespan of a coil depends on several factors and there is no designated time it should be changed. As already mentioned, a lot of it is down to how often you vape. Also, if you use high VG e-liquids, it will likely ear out your wick much quicker than 50/50 or high PG vape juices.

What Does a Burnt Coil Look Like?

A burnt coil is a common occurrence, especially among vaping beginners. To know when a coil is burnt, it will look black or also have a frazzled look. Of course, your eJuice will have a burnt taste, too. It can be very unpleasant, so keep an eye on your coil.

Is it Possible to Extend the Life of Vape Coil

As you now know, coils only have a certain amount of utility, but investing time and taking proper care and maintenance, you should prolong your coil’s lifespan.

The main thing is to regularly clean the coil, removing any dust, and oil or prime that has built up. When you refill your tank or pod, be careful not to flood the coil - this can cause damage. Once you’ve replaced the coil, leave it for a few minutes to soak before firing again.

How to Change Vape Coil

How to change your vap coil depends on the type of vape kit you use. If it’s a pod, you need to remove the pod from your device and hold it upside down. Now, twist its base in a counterclockwise direction.

Then, pull the old coil out of the pod, and replace it with a new coil by pushing it into the pod. Then replace the pod base and you should be ready to refill it.

If your vape kit has a tank then it’s a little more complex, but easy enough to change the vape coil. First take the tank off from the mod and hold it upside down. Unscrew or pull depending on what type of vape kit you're using - push-pull coils come right out while screw-in choices will need some extra muscle to twist them loose.

Then just pop in a new one either by pushing if its part of that simple push-pull variety, or simply twisting into place if not. Finally reassemble everything back up and fill her up and away you go.

Some Quick Rules for Changing Your Vape Coil

Always replace the coil when your tank or pod is out of juice. Once you open it up, its internal seal is broken and any e-liquid left inside will likely leak.

For the best flavour reproduction, rinse and dry your tank or pod every time you replace the coil. This gets rid of old e-liquid that can ruin taste, as well as dust and lint which can block the airflow.

Before you start using a new vape coil, it's important to prime it. To do this, put some vape juice on the top and side wick openings of the coil. This will help you prevent dry hits and ensure your vaping experience is as smooth as possible.

Once you replace the coil and have filled the tank or pod, be sure to wait a few minutes so the e-liquid has time to soak into the wick.

If your vape kit has adjustable wattage, be sure to lower the power level before using the coil. And try to give the coil 5-10 minutes to break in before slowly turning up the wattage.

When to Change Vape Coil

Coils play an essential role in your vaping experience. Keeping it clean will result in a better vaping experience and can also extend the life of your vape kit. Check and clean it regularly, especially when you notice a decline in its performance.

You now know how and when to change your vape coil. Check and clean it regularly and as soon as you notice changes in performance or when the flavour starts to taste off, it’s time to replace the coil.

Remember, vape coils don’t last that long, so make sure you stock up on coils as you’ll need to replace them regularly.

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