Why Nic Salts?

Why Nic Salts?

Why Nic Salts?

Nic Salts, or nicotine salt, is the natural compounds found within a tobacco plant, and Nic Salt e-liquids have this compound in it.

Nicotine salt e-liquids are different to your standard freebase e-liquids, which go through a purification process to remove impurities, such as nicotine salt.

Nic Salts are a non-purified form of the chemical derived from the tobacco plant, and they contain some level of organic material from the tobacco leaves. 

So, the natural tobacco found in Nic Salts will give ex-smokers that tobacco craving they might need.

That’s not to say Nic Salts are better than freebase, or vice versa, but someone wanting to quit smoking might prefer the hit from nicotine salts. 

This is because freebase is the purified form of nicotine, and it can become pretty harsh if you have high levels of nicotine. Whereas, Nic Salts is much smoother if you have high levels of nicotine.

Because nic salts can be used in higher concentrations to maintain a smoother throat hit, they are perfect for anyone wanting more nicotine.

What’s more, the faster absorption rate of nic salts can make the switch from cigarettes easier, because you’ll get the same nicotine buzz that you’re used to.

What Device Should I Use for Nic Salts

The devices needed for nicotine salts are different from freebase devices, and it's best not to use high-powered or sub-ohm devices for Nic Salts

Low wattage devices are perfect for nic salts because you don’t need to consume as much vapour to get the same amount of nicotine in a high-powered device. This is important, because high-powered devices or sub-ohm devices will give you excessive nicotine consumption.

Low-wattage devices are either open or closed systems.

Closed systems are refillable nic salt pods that usually come with a selection of nic salts. You don’t have to buy/change cotton or coils, or clean the tanks. They’re also easier to switch flavours, making them a hassle-free alternative and great for anyone new to vaping.

Open systems allow you to manually refill your device with nic salt e-liquids. There’s also a wider range of flavours and nicotine strengths with open system pods. You will also get a smoother throat hit, which will ensure you get more vapour production.

A Beginner's Guide to Vaping

Are Nic Salts for Me?

Now that you know what they are, you might want to ask yourself if Nic Salts are for you.

It’s important to consider that nicotine salts come in high nicotine strengths, and if you already vape and you’re satisfied with what you’re using, then there’s no reason to change.

If you’re trying to quit smoking, however, then Nic Salts might be a great way to start vaping.

Vaping nicotine salts can help you with your nicotine cravings as you’ll get a sufficient amount of nicotine while also getting a tolerable throat hit with higher doses.

Nicotine salt works better at delivering nicotine in your bloodstream than freebase juices, and you’ll instantly feel the nicotine rush which helps curb your cravings faster.

The buzz you get from vaping nicotine salts is like smoking a cigarette and the vapour filling your lungs resembles smoke filling your lungs.    

Therefore, it’s without question that vaping Nic Salts provides a better vaping experience for anyone trying to stop smoking.

Why Nic Salts? – Perfect for Smokers Wanting to Quit

The innovation of Nic Salts is now a few years old, and the tobacco hit you get from vaping nicotine salt is similar to smoking a cig.

They’re a great way for anyone craving a tobacco rush as you can put more tobacco concentration in your device but not get a harsh throat hit, which you would get with the equivalent tobacco concentration with freebase e-liquids.

If you already vape and are happy, there’s no reason to change, although there’s no harm in testing Nic Salts. But of course, if you start vaping to help you stop smoking, Nic Salts could be perfect for you.

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