What is Sub-Ohm Vaping?


What is Sub-Ohm Vaping?

Litterally we can say: Vaping while using an e cigarette that has a coil with a resistance level of less than one ohm.

Resistance is how much opposition is registered to the regular flow of electricity in a circuit, ie a coil in an atomizer. Ohms are just the standard of measurement of this resistance and is identified with this symbol Ω.

It’s that simple!

Consequently, it means that if you are vaping at a resistance level of 1 ohm or higher, you are above-ohm vaping. Anything other than that is sub-ohm vaping, sometimes, they also refer to it as sub-ohming.

Sub-ohm vaping is now accessible to everybody.

The market  has changed pretty quickly over the last couple of years. Until quite recently, only experienced vapers were sub-ohming . It was required some understanding of coil building and the knowledge of the Ohm’s law.

Due to the growing demand, the quality, and variety of e cigarettes has improved dramatically in the last years. Therefore, this has introduced safer, better(and nicer) devices that allow you to sub-ohm vaping without any risk.

Nowadays, you can even find several sub-ohm starter kits. While they might not offer an as intense experience as a box mod, however, they let you step into the sub-ohm world.




There is only one major factor that defines sub-ohming, and that is the coil resistance. Two other factors,voltage and wattage, play also a role in determining the overall experience.


  1. Coil Resistance

A measure of the potential of a particular material to reduce the electric current passing through it.


Firstly, you can think of coil resistance as the thickness of a water pipe. The thicker the pipe, the more water will flow through it. Likewise, if the coil has more surface area, it will have a lower resistance and will allow more current to pass through it. But if the coil is thin, it will have less surface area and will need more power (voltage) to let the current go through. That means the resistance and wattage output are inversely proportional, while voltage and wattage are directly proportional.

Initially, the manufacturers tried to offer a better vaping experience by improving the power and quality of the batteries. However, it was just a matter of time before they hit the limits posed by hardware and technology. It was only then that they turned their attention to the resistance of the coil. Slightly lowering the resistance of the coil immensely increased the overall wattage output. Consequently, this gave birth to sub-ohm vaping.


  1. Battery Voltage

The  force or potential difference of any power source expressed in volts.

In our e-cigarettes, this is the power generated by the batteries. The usual voltage range of the 18650 lithium-ion batteries is between 3.7 to 4.5 volts (although you may find batteries with much higher voltage).

The higher the voltage, the higher the wattage will be. However, if the resistance goes up, you’ll need more energy to get the same wattage.


  1. Wattage

Electromotive power output expressed in watts.

This is the actual power that the unit generates at the end of the day. In other words, more wattage means more heat produced, more vapor, and ideally more flavor.

Understanding the difference between them  can be confusing, but since a vaporizer is an electrical device, it is important to have at least some basic knowledge.



  • Firstly, the biggest advantage of sub-ohm vaping is the huge vapour production. People who want to take their experience to a whole new level are usually going for this option. In addition, Cloud chasers and those competing in vaping competitions, totally love sub-ohm vaping.
  • Secondly, more vapor also means more flavor. Although the wider airflow might diminish the flavor to some extent, unless you are doing direct lung hits, sub-ohm vaping usually increases the overall flavor. That is because you are inhaling a lot more vapor than when you are doing above-ohm vaping.
  • Thirdly, more satisfaction because of a stronger hit and more nicotine. This is why with sub-ohm vaping we recommend a lower nicotine strength . As a result, you will have a lot more nicotine going into your lungs(compared to above-ohm vaping with the same nicotine strength).
  • Finally, if you prefer warm vapor, you will love sub-ohmvaping. However, if you prefer a cooler vape, then this might be not the right choice.



  • First, sub-ohm vaping  is not always a right choice   for new vapers, as too muchvapor can be overwhelming .
  • Second, sub-ohm vaping way more expensive than the above-ohm vaping gear.
  • Third, compared to above-ohm kits, it consumes a lot more e-juice and is also a lot more expensive in the long-run
  • Fourth, the coils burn faster and need to be replaced sooner, this can increase fix costs  unless you go for a rebuildable tank.
  • Lastly, it is not an ideal option for those who love mouth to lung



While sub-ohm vaping can be a lot of fun for some people, for others it can be overwhelming. Even so, the good news is that with the latest vaporizers available on the market nowadays, sub-ohm vaping is now safer. To increase your safety when sub-ohm vaping, make sure to check for any damage to the batteries and any other components.Furthermore, it can be enjoyed by anyone, regardless  of their experience. It’s a hobby that’s quickly become a sport. All in all, sub-ohm vaping is a big thing and is here to stay for a while . However, don’t just blindly follow the trends, do some research, ask your fellow vape friends or your favourite store and vape in a way that’s matching your vaping expectations and desires.


Happy cloud chasing!

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What are Nicotine Salts?

What are Nicotine Salts?


Why vaping on nic salts? The term “Nicotine salt” aka ‘’nic salt’’ just refers to the scientific definition. It doesn’t mean it’s made with the salt we put on our steaks. A salt is any chemical compound formed from the reaction of an acid with a base. Many of you are for sure thinking : Acid? What the heck?!  Actually, nicotine salts exists in tobacco, So if you have ever smoked a cigarette you have already experienced nicotine salt.


 Nicotine Vs. Nicotine Salt


Almost all e-juices on the market use Liquid Nicotine. This  is directly extracted from tobacco. In this process, all the impurities found in tobacco are stripped away leaving you with nicotine in its pure form, by many is called freebase nicotine. Freebase nicotine has a high alkalinity, its PH level is  around 7-8. Many of you maybe don’t know that the PH level is directly correlated with the throat hit you experience while inhaling your e-vapor. The higher the PH the harsher is the throat hit.

Nicotine salt is created instead by adding specific acids to  the liquid  nicotine(freebase nicotine). By doing this, the level of PH lowers corresponding with a lower irritation in your throat. This means you can vape higher nicotine salt percentage  without that rough throat hit.



Advantages of SaltNic


The major advantage of nic salt is the smoother hit it gives. The second  advantage is   the nicotine blood absorption rate. It is scientifically proven that nicotine salt vape juice will be assures faster by our bloodstream then traditional nicotine. That means Nic salts provide almost the same blood absorption rate of an actual cigarette. This is a huge benefit for the ones who are trying to quit smoking because nic salt e-liquid is mimicking the effects of that cancer stick you're trying to get rid of. Therefore, if you are struggling with switching completely to vaping because you are not getting the same effect of  a cigarette then you might want to give nicotine salt e-juice a chance.



Vaping Nicotine Salts


When vaping saltnic it is important to understand that the devices used to vape nicotine salt e-liquid will differ depending on the nicotine strength you choose. If you are simply looking to quit smoking, a higher nicotine salt strength such as 20mg, while using a low powered pod kit, is recommended. If you like blowing huge clouds and experience flavor with your high powered sub ohm kit than we recommend you to lower the nic level, somewhere between 6mg-10mg. Higher nicotine e liquids  used in high powered e cigarettes  will likely be too much, so it is strongly advised to not vape high strength nicotine salts ejuice in high powered, sub ohm kit.



Pros Vs Cons


        Here is a summary of the pros and cons for vaping nic salt ejuice.


Smoother Hit

Faster Absorption Rate

Higher Nicotine Strengths Available


− Overwhelmed by too much nicotine

− Need different device for higher strengths

− More Expensive




We hope we clarified thing with this article. If you are still confused or you have more questions don’t hesitate contacting us via mail or via the chat

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