Austrian Lab Analyzes – Dea E-Liquids Vs Cigarettes

Austrian Lab Analyzes – Dea E-Liquids Vs Cigarettes

Austrian Lab Analyzes – Dea E-Liquids Vs Cigarettes

Liquids for electronic cigarettes, Dea Flavor starts the transparency operation

Published toxicological analyzes carried out by the Austrian Drug Screening Institute of Innsbruck in collaboration with 3SLAB and comparison with traditional cigarettes.

Do electronic cigarettes pose health risks? The debate has been open for years, with even conflicting positions. If on one hand the potential health risks that can still occur if products of dubious derivation are not diminished, on the other hand the consistent reduction of the damage compared to traditional smoking cannot be ignored. For this reason, Dea Flavor, one of the major Italian companies producing liquids for electronic cigarettes, commissioned a study on the toxicity of its liquids carried out on human cells in vitro. The analyzes were carried out at the Austrian Drug Screening Institute in Innsbruck, with the collaboration of 3SLAB, and the results obtained confirm a well-established scientific data: the e-cig vapor involves a damage reduction of about 95% compared to to traditional cigarette smoking. Dea Flavor has analyzed all its premixed liquids at the maximum concentration of nicotine – or 18 mg / ml – by vaporizing them thanks to a smoking machine. The vapors thus obtained were then condensed in the laboratory for sample preparation. A similar procedure was performed for the condensation of traditional cigarette smoke.

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Following the protocols reported in the scientific literature, the different samples were placed in contact with human endothelial cells to verify the effects of electronic cigarette condensate and traditional cigarette condensate. The analyzed effects are essentially two: deadly effect (the percentage of an enzyme that is released as a result of cell lysis, that is the death of the cell is measured) and toxic effect (the metabolism of a cell is monitored, to understand how much it is influenced by the ‘exposure to vapors of electronic cigarettes and how much from smoke). All measurements were performed three times in order to guarantee the repeatability and reliability of the data. To analyze the first effect, we quantify the amount of lactate dehydrogenase (LDH), an enzyme that is formed as a result of cell lysis, that is the death of the cell, after interaction with the samples: in this case the higher is the data obtained, the higher the cell mortality. The results left no room for doubt: the negative effect on the cells is much lower in Dea liquid vapor compared to traditional smoke (table 1 at the end of the article). To assess the toxic effect on cells, the cyto-toxic impact on cellular metabolism, or on the ability of cells to regenerate themselves, compared to traditional cigarette smoking, through the quantification of Resazurin was instead analyzed. In this case the percentage of cells that, following exposure to the samples, have not undergone metabolic alterations is shown, therefore the greater the data obtained, the lower the danger of the tested product (table 2 at the bottom of the article) . Compared to traditional cigarette smoking, the cytotoxicity of Dea Flavor products is significantly lower.

“The evaluation of both these factors – explains cotitolare Daniele Campestrini (on the left in the picture) – is carried out by Dea Flavor during the research and development phase of all the new products, which can be placed on the market only if they comply with these rigid internal quality standards. We have always strived to guarantee our customers a safe product right from the selection of raw materials that are used in the preparation of liquids for electronic cigarettes, using only pharmaceutical or food grade products. Precisely for this reason, the Dea Flavor team has developed a blacklist of prohibited substances that cannot be used in our products that is constantly updated on the basis of the most recent scientific research, in order to exclude from the ingredients those substances that could present potential dangers for Health”.

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