Scotland’s Problem with Illegal Vapes Continues

Scotland’s Problem with Illegal Vapes Continues

Scotland’s Problem with Illegal Vapes Continues

It appears the problem with illegal vapes on the shelves of some of Scotland’s vape stores isn’t going away.

Trading standards officers in Aberdeen confiscated 104 single-use electronic cigarettes that fell short of UK standards.

This news comes on the back of other seizures in the city, and Edinburgh and the Highlands, and earlier seizures also in Aberdeen.

The recently seized vapes were named HQD and Nord and were seized from 2 vape stores in Aberdeen city centre.

Trading Standards Officers tested the vapes and discovered that all had flouted the safety regulations set by the UK standard agency MHRA.

UK Vape Law is Liberal But Counterfeiters Plague The Industry

The UK is actively trying to push smokers into vaping to help quit smoking, and the law is one of the most liberal for the vaping industry with some of the best products available, yet counterfeiters continue to plague the UK vape industry.

In the UK, the safe legal standard for the capacity of an e-cig tank is 2ml. However, the counterfeit products seized in Aberdeen had up to 8.5ml, and with concerns about vape liquids being attractive to underage, it is more of a concern, especially as many of the seized products had no safety warnings.

Aberdeen City Council’s trading standards manager Graeme Paton said he was concerned of the availability of illegal vapes being sold to teenagers.

‘Our trading standards team is working hard to get these illegal products removed from shop shelves,’ said Paton. ‘Protecting the health and wellbeing of Aberdeen consumers, and making sure that retailers and wholesalers are only selling legal vaping products.’

‘We’d like to remind all shops selling vapes to check they can be sold in the UK,’ warned Paton. ‘And for people using them to check the capacity for an e-cigarette tank and that if there are no statutory warnings or instructions, they should be aware these items will probably be illegal.’

It’s Not The First Time for Aberdeen Vape Stores

It’s not the first time Aberdeen has been in the news for illegal vape products. Last year vapes packed with more than five times the legal nicotine limit were seized from a shop in the northern Scottish city, famed for its oil industry.

It doesn’t just happen in Aberdeen of course, as there are seizures around the UK, but it does seem to be a bigger problem in Aberdeen.

Graeme Paton also said that there was an uptick in concerned parents complaining about underage people being served e-liquids and other vaping products.

Of course, young people are attracted to vapes. Many teenagers dabble in smoking and other illegal products, and with e-liquid flavours such as Cotton Candy and an array of fruit flavours, the attraction by young people is obvious.

That’s why it’s important vape stores across the country take their role seriously. The UK has liberal laws concerning vaping compared with the EU, USA and most of the world, so we vape stores have to take our role with the upmost importance.

Scotland on Alert for Illegal Vapes

Of course it’s not just Scotland with a problem, but the rest of the country has been alerted after the seizures in Aberdeen.

Trading Standards Officers in Edinburgh warned of new illegal Disposable Vapes that were found on the shelves of some of the capital’s vape shops.

It seems like these illegal Disposable Vapes are purposely being targeted to children as the colourful vapes come in the form of fidget spinners, that lighten up when spun.

Of course, these illegal products lack information regarding health warnings that all disposable vapes must have. Many of these vapes were also discovered in vape stores in the Highlands, too.

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