Doozy NIX Disposable Vapes

Doozy NIX Disposable Vapes

Doozy NIX Disposable Vapes Review

Looking for an easy and convenient way to enjoy your vape sessions? Doozy NIX Disposable Vapes are a great option!

These pre-filled disposable vape pens by leading brand Doozy Vape Co. are perfect for on-the-go use, and they come in a variety of delicious flavours.

The slick design, ease of use and great selection of flavours make them a perfect vaping companion, and one of the best disposable vapes on the market.

Doozy NIX Disposable Vapes are perfect for both vaping experts and noobs. In this review, we will take a closer look at them and see why they’re so popular.

Doozy NIX Disposable Vapes

The Doozy NIX devices are small and discreet. They boast a sleek crystal finish, and each flavour has a bright distinct colour so they all stand out from one another.

They’re perfect for on the go convenience and easily fit in a small handbag or any pocket. The Nix is Leak proof so it can be stored in any position.

Doozy NIX

Doozy NIX Specs

Slick Biodegradable Plastic Vape Pen

500 mAh Battery

2ml e-liquid Capacity

About 600 Puffs

Inhale Activated

2ml Nic Salt e-Liquid

0mg,10mg, and 20mg Nicotine Strength

10 Flavours

VG/PG 50/50 Ratio

Available in 3 Nicotine strengths: 20mg, 10mg and 0mg nicotine free vape juice, they’re perfect for people wanting to quit smoking and those who wish to wean themselves off nicotine altogether.

The Doozy NIX disposable vape feature a 50/50 VG/PG blend of e-liquid that allows for amazing flavour and good density cloud production. The e-liquid is nicotine salt based, and every flavour delivers a nice smooth throat hit.

They’re easy to use, simply inhale from the comfortable mouthpiece to activate the device. The disposable vape pen contains a built-in 500 mAh battery and atomizer, and there’s no need to worry about recharging or refilling.

And thanks to the 0mg Nicotine juices on offer, the Doozy NIX Disposable device is one of the only no nicotine disposable vapes on the market.

Doozy NIX Flavours

Apple Grape
Fantasia Grape
Lime Cola
Mango Strawberry
Mixed Berries
Pineapple Berry
Pink Lemonade
Red Wing
Strawberry Milk
Sweet Cherry

About Doozy Vape Co

Doozy NIX disposable vapes are produced by Doozy Vape Co. Established in 2015, Doozy Vape Co is one of the most recognised vaping brands.

Based in Dewsbury, near Leeds, West Yorkshire, Doozy Vape Co is famous for its wide range of e-Liquids, Shortfills, Nic Salts, and of course Disposable Vapes.

The Doozy NIX is their only disposable device, but the Yorkshire vape company’s e-liquids are vast, and they offer many different ranges and flavours.

Doozy NIX Disposable Vapes

So, there are many different and great quality disposable vapes, but what makes the Doozy NIX device stand out?

Well, the 2ml of juice is Nic Salt, and this is better for anyone wanting to quit smoking, as they can absorb more nicotine without being subject to a harsh throat hit that you’ll get with freebase nicotine.

There’s also a no nicotine option, which isn’t standard with most disposable vapes. Although vape brands are catching on and some of the other disposables are now available with zero nicotine nowadays.

The Doozy NIX disposable vape looks cool, too. Depending on your flavour, the single colour device comes in different bright colours, and the material is biodegradable, so you can feel better with your carbon footprint.

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