Joe's Juice for Shortfills

Joe's Juice for Shortfills

Joe's Juice - A Leader in Shortfills

Joe's Juice is one the leading names in the Vape industry, known for some of the most delicious shortfills out there.

The UK vape brand boasts a massive range of different shortfills, and have also released a range of freebase e-liquids and Nic Shots.

It’s not just amazing flavours that Joes Juice is famous for, it’s their ranges that help them stand out. These include Crème Kong, Cookie Dough and Püd – a pudding and decadence themed flavours among several other famous shortfill ranges that sub ohm vapers can’t get enough of.

Who is Joe’s Juice

Joe’s Juice is leading premium e-liquid manufacturer and vape hardware online outlet based in Nottingham, England.

The company was launched by Joe and Natalie Fisher in 2016 after they had success with a chain of Cloud 57 shops around the Nottingham area.

Since launching Joe’s Juice the company has become one of the leading brands in the vape industry and the leading name when it comes to shortfills e-liquids. Each shortfill bottle comes in either 50ml, 100ml or 200ml bottles, and feature a VG/PG ratio of 70/30, making them perfect for large dense clouds.

But Joe’s Juice isn’t only about shortfills as the company branches out and now manufactures Freebase e-Liquids and Nic Shots as they extend to the whole vaping industry.

Joe’s Juice Shortfills

All Joe’s Juice shortfills comes in 3 different sized bottles: 50ml, 100ml, and 200ml, each bottle with extra space to add some liquids nicotine. This is because shortfills have zero nicotine, so the space in the bottle allows you to add your own nic shot to create an e-liquid to your own liking.

Each Joe’s Juice shortfill range boasts a 70/30 VG/PG ratio, making it ideal for sub ohm vapers and those who like to play about with the dense clouds.

They are some of the most unique flavours in the vape industry with its varied ranges of shortfills. Let’s take a look at these famous shortfills from Joe’s Juice

Berserker Blood Axe

Berserker e-liquid

Berserker Blood Axe is another shortfill range from Joes Juice, which is truly all about flavour. Each one is a rich fruity flavour with menthol undertones. From classic flavours of Heisenberg to newer punchy flavours such as Cherry Blast, and Summer Fruit Ice, the Berserker Blood Axe range will quench your thirst.

Cookie Dough

Joe's Juice

Cookie Dough from Joe’s Juice is a range of shortfills that feature all the cookie goodness of the original cookie flavour with hints of salted caramel and chocolate chip flavouring. Think of a rich cookie base that has generous sprinklings of flavour giving a sweet edge to finish off, and you will be somewhere close.

Crème Kong

Joes juice shortfills

Crème Kong from Joe’s Juice is one of the most popular shortfills in the vpae juice industry. It’s a custard cream inspired e-liquid with a King Kong twist. If you love a nice biscuit with a cuppa tea, you’ll love these Crème Kong shortfills. With flavours such as Blueberry Cream, and Custard Cream, which is a sweet blend of luxuriously creamy vanilla custard filled with sprinkles of freshly crumbled shortcrust biscuit. You will love them!

Flavour Drop Tropico

If you want some tropical cocktail flavours, then Flavour Drop by Joe’s Juice is for you. There’s nothing quite like the refreshing drink inspired e-liquid ready to lift you up with every bubble. Fruity, delicious and iconic, flavours include Mango Sparkles, Pomegranate Fizz or Sparkling Passion all of which will leave you going to the bar for more.

Human Juice

Joe's Juice

Joe’s Juice brings us Human Juice a range of shortfill flavours inspired by classic sweets with a twist. Featuring an interesting take on classic human flavour profiles, these sweet tasting breathing liquids such as Black Anethole (Blackjacks Aniseed sweets) work with both lungs and are sure to evoke positive human emotion, and as with the labelling will blow your mind.


Joe's Juice PUD

PÜD is another exciting shortfill from Joe’s Juice. Puddings and Decadence is what they’re all about, and this captivatingly divine e-liquids offer a selection of sweet dessert flavours. With classic desserts such as Apple Pie and Custard to Crème Brülée you will find your favourite sweet for sure.

Just 200

Joes juice just 200

Just 200 is a budget range from Joe’s Juice. This range is slightly cheaper than the others from Joes Juice, so if you want to save a few quid this could be the shortfill for you. But don’t think cheap means flat, because there’s a range of rich fruity flavours including classic such as Strawberry Ice Cream, Blue Sour Raspberry, and delightful Apple and Peach among others.

Tongue Puncher

Joe's Juice Tongue Puncher Shortfills are a flavour range with an absolute blast. If it’s a powerful assault on your tastebuds then Tongue Puncher will definitely have you salivating for more. Flavours include Cranberry & Rhubarb Sour, and Blueberry Lemon Sour among others and we’re sure if you like a shortfill with a kick, Tongue Puncher from Joe’s Juice will be for you.

The Real Beetle Ice

joe's juice the real beetle

Say the name thrice and vape something nice is The Real Beetle Ice’s motto and this slect range from Joe’s Juice is absolutely something from beyond the grave. If you want a juicy flavour blackurrant and other dark fruits shortfill resurrected, the Real Beetle Ice is a gruesomely tasty blend of blackcurrant and with an option of cool ice, we’re sure you’ll love this range.

Joe’s Juice – A Leader in the Shortfill Industry

Joe’s Juice is one of the most prominent names in the UK vaping industry, and when it comes to shortfills, they’re unmatched.

Nottingham’s finest brings you a large range of different flavour profiles, and each one is packed with rich and powerful flavours, and with a wide range of flavours we’re sure there’s something to suit all vapers.

You can get most shortfills in 50ml, 100ml, and 200ml bottles, and each Joe’s Juice range comes with a VG/PG 70/30 ratio so you’ll be able to produce some nice dense clouds, making them perfect for sub ohm vapers, and anyone who doesn’t want to vape nicotine.

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