Vaporesso Gen Fit Vape Kit

Vaporesso Gen Fit Vape Kit

Vaporesso Gen Fit Vape Kit Review

The Vaporesso Gen Fit vape kit is the latest vape kit from leading vape brand Vaporesso, and it’s quickly becoming a best-selling popular kit.

The device is an easy to use Mouth To Lung (MTL) vape kit. Its simplicity will suit people looking to quit smoking and switch to vaping or vapers who want a simple stripped-back vape kit.

The Gen Fit kit produces an MTL vape that will feel closer to a cigarette that feels closer to a cigarette and will deliver an average amount of cloud. 

Its slim design mod isn’t too bulky, and its slick look is perfect for any vaper wanting to enjoy rich fruity and consistent flavours, while looking the part.

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Let’s take a deeper dive to see why the Vaporesso Gen Fit vape kit is so popular.

Vaporesso Gen Fit Vape Kit 

The MTL Vape Kit is one of the latest and best devices from Vaporesso Gen range and the company has delivered yet another masterpiece.

The Vaporesso Gen Fit:

Gen Fit Mod
ITank M Tank (2ml)
Top Filling Tank
MTX 1.2Ω Coil
Type-C USB Cable
1200mAh battery
Top Filling Tank
Inhale And Button Activated
Pulse Mode
User Manual

The Vaporesso Gen Fit kit is a small, slick box mod with an MTL iTank M, and MTX 1.2Ω coil. The battery is 1200mAh with a 1A charge rate using a USB C charger cable.

There are 6 metallic, matt designs, Midnight Black, Space Grey, Prussian Blue, Sierra Blue, Rose Gold, and Taffy Pink. Each design looks slick and the metallic matt finish oozes class.

On the mod, the name VAPORESSO is emblazoned at the top in small, subtle capital letters. There’s no LED display but there are 2 different sets of LED indicators, one of which changes colour with the battery’s remaining power level.

The other LED lights is a group of 3 lights which show the power mode you’re using. These are on the side of the mod is a series of 3 white LED’s which light up to show the power mode you have selected: Low = 3V, Medium 3.3V, and High 3.5V. The setting you choose will determine the strength and warmth of your vape.

The Vaporesso Gen Fit Vape Kit also benefits from the AXON chipset which controls Vaporesso’s famous Pulse Mode. The Pulse Mode is commonly used on Vaporesso’s other bigger Gen kits, such as the Gen 80s Vape Kit, and it allows a steady output of power, boosting flavour production for a more consistent vape.

Included in the kit is the iTank M which uses MTX 1.2 Ω coils, which are perfect for Mouth to Lung vaping. The tank’s capacity is 2ml, and it’s best paired with e-liquids that are 50% PG or more.  

The base of the tank boasts an airflow adjustment ring to control the airflow to your liking. The airflow is one of two options for triggering the firing and start vaping. Simply inhale and the mouthpiece has a sensor to start the motion going, or there’s a fire button to control the firing, making it an ideal mod kit for vaping beginners.

The Vaporesso Gen Fit Vape Kit

Vaporesso has done it again. It’s one of the leading brands in the vaping industry, and from its GEN 200w Vape Kit to its latest Gen Fit releases, Vaporesso constantly innovates and impresses.

Whichever design you go for, you’ll be getting an impressive looking box mod kit that produces tasty and consistent fruity flavours.

If you’ve owned a Vaporesso vape kit before, you won’t need thi

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