Advantages E-cigarette

Advantages E-cigarette

Advantages E-cigarette with compared to the normal cigarette

Tobacco manufacturers have not been happy with the arrival of e-cigarettes and that is not surprising. The e-cigarette is in fact a very serious competitor for the normal cigarette. Electric smoking has many advantages, making switching very interesting!


The e-cigarette has two strong advantages that we can divide into:



The purchase of an e-cigarette immediately gives you a saving. Electric smoking is 5 to 10 times cheaper than smoking normal cigarettes or shag. Someone who smokes a packet of cigarettes a day can save 180 euros per month by smoking electrically! The purchase of your e-cigarette is an investment but you will earn it back in the first month.


Convenience and benefits

With an electric cigarette you do not cause a nuisance and so you can smoke in many more places. Your clothes no longer smell and your environment no longer suffers.

Liquids can easily be ordered online.


Quit smoking
If you use the right products, quitting smoking is easy. By slowly decreasing the nicotine amount, you also build up your addiction. We can perfectly advise and assist you in this.


With us in the shop, in Bussum and Amersfoort, you can go for personal advice, we take all the time for you. Not in the opportunity? You can also call us or send us an email!

On this page you can read which e-cigarette suits you.