Which e-cigarette to buy


Which e-cigarette to buy

Which e-cigarette to buy

Buying an e-cigarette? The e-cigarette comes in all kinds, colors and sizes. Which exactly you need depends on how often you smoke. If you normally smoke a lot of cigarettes in a day, you need a heavier version than if you smoke a little. The tank capacity, capacity and battery capacity make the biggest difference.

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Which e-cigarette suits me
We have subdivided a selection of the most popular e-cigarettes below based on the number of cigarettes you normally smoke on a day.


If you smoke 1 to 10 cigarettes per day, the Justfog C14 is very suitable. The battery capacity and the tank capacity are more than enough for this.



If you smoke a packet of cigarettes a day or smoke your shag, you need a slightly heavier e-cigarette version. The models below are selected for ease of use, battery capacity and tank capacity. The power of these models is also a lot higher so they are also suitable for the sturdy smokers.



The selection below is suitable for advanced smokers who want to get even more out of an e-cigarette. The battery is even stronger so that more power is available and longer and more intense can be smoked. These models are of a higher class with which more is possible. The intensity is even better controllable and the batteries are easily interchangeable with most models. Handy when you want to bring a spare battery.



Benefits of electric smoking
Electronic smoking has a large number of advantages. First of all, you save a lot of money! Your health will also immediately improve. No more nasty cigarette smells and no yellow teeth! The e-cigarette is also a perfect tool to use if you want to stop smoking.

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Why buy an e-cigarette at Dampfabriek?
We know every product through and through. We are always aware of developments on the market. This allows us to give good advice on which e-cigarette suits you best.


Buying e-liquids
We have an extremely extensive range of e-liquids. An e-liquid is the liquid that you put in the e-cigarette. This liquid, also known as smoke fluid, e-juice or smoke oil, evaporates in the e-cigarette and you inhale the vapor. This water vapor is 90% less bad for your health compared to the smoke of a normal cigarette. There are many different types of e-liquid available, from tobacco to fruit and from menthol to biscuits. Most e-liquids are also available in different nicotine levels. Especially the real smokers must pay attention to the nicotine content of the liquid.

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